Spinach Cake.

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For Spinach Puree; 250 g spinach 1 glass of water Milk 
For Cake; 3 eggs 1. 5 cups of sugar 1 water glass measure of oil 1 packet of baking powder 1 packet of vanilla 2. 5 cups of flour
For Over; Whipped cream
We give you a delicious cake recipe, which tastes as good as the taste and the smell of spinach, no taste. Everybody who eats thinks this cake is a pistachio cake. Let's make our spinach mash first. Wash the spinach and put it in the robot and add 1 glass of milk to the mash. Approximately 2 glasses of pure water to come out. We're whipping up our eggs and sugar in a bowl. We add our oil. We're adding the mash. We're adding vanilla, baking soda and flour to the mixer. We lubricate our debt and pour out our cake mortar. 180 degrees in the oven are baking well. After the cake is baked, let's cut the places on the edges and on the top and put it on the robot. We cover our muffin with a cream shorts. Let's decorate our cake with the cake particles we took from the robot.

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